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Music is Magick

jazz is comin' back
who's bringing it?
a generation of magical,
hyper-actualized cats:

ecstatic aural chaos,
the conciousness-concerts emerging
are returning; polyrhythms turning,
harmonic motions churning,
psychoexplosive melodies burning.

a jazz dance that's free;
conception, equinox, giant steps to heaven;
a dream in indigo in green;
when its sleepytime down south,
catchin' some zees;
where strange fruits' swingin'
on the poplar trees.

from the colors fetching,
supersonic sorcerer Miles Davis, flamenco sketching;
a feather reed from tubular horn drifting,
higher vibraton from a Cannon' brings bright sunshine, lifting.

listen for us: we are beginning,
the songs we're a-singing, the bells we're a-ringing;
because it don't mean a thing
if it 'aint got that swing.

do-wap da booda;
unified mind radiating;
all things inspiring, no hesitating;
a collective meta-mind, spontaneously creating;
you've got jazz.

-Paul Pabian

look out for Juice,
coming to a synchronicity near you.

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