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Today is ours to treasure forever

Each moment of each day is filled with magic. Every moment we spend together, nature sings back to us, paints reality with our love and divinity. "We were like to lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl/year after year." How I wish you were here baby. We're stuck in this strange time in our life when the future is being shaped before us, and we feel helpless. We have our heads on stright, we know what we are going to do, and can create any life we can imagine. Life is an art-form; be artistic! The only way I can explain my love to you is in my actions, is in my music, is in my magic. We are two very powerful people. Let's save the world together!

This school is going well, I am actually not bummed about being there at all. The classes I am taking are stimulating, not just immense amounts of work to be trudged through; they do not distract me from the things they love, but I take what I learn from them to augment everything else I do. I know what I love, I know what I want to do with my life, I could not feel any more accepting of this moment and the future.

Time is ours to shape, ours to sculpt, however we wish.
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