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Emo-Festivus for the Restofus`

I'm Emo. Kristy's Violin is Emo. This is an Emo-Fest. This is Emo-Fest '05 starring Paul Pabian and Kristy's Violin.

Kristy's Violin: I was in the sun, it was hot, I was lacking hydration, I was feeling Emo. I had an Emo-Fest in the sun. Then Kristy was nervous when trying to play me and wasn't playing me well so this made me feel EVEN MORE Emo. Then she put me away and I was Emo no more.

Paul Pabian: Hi. "EguiirhfipqwehfiqhEMOfdfasifhaishfhihgrg7qr890v7908qr7v890qyer0vqmqrqweFETUS/".

So...Don't be a pessimist. Your spirit is a god inside of your body; you are a godess, and can accomplish, become, or create anything. Use your imagination more! Be Imaginative! Live life as "far-out" and magical as you want, just know what you have experienced and learn what you don't know. Just affirm to yourself what you want to do and you can do it! Just tell youself "I am going to be this" and just start being it. Nothing is stopping you except your own limitations that you are imposing upon yourself. You know everything already, just tell yourself that you remember it all, and you will. Learning is just being told again what you already know.

I'm Emo about not having anything else to have an Emo-Fest about RIGHT NOW. Later, perhaps.

"I am Mr. Rommelfanger, and I am proud of these Emo-Fests.


Kristy you are so sexy, dank and beautiful there's only one thing to say:
Groovy Love Explosion.

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