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Esse Quam Videri [entries|friends|calendar]
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Reaping the Rewards [23 Jul 2006|01:36pm]
[ mood | air-conditioned ]

It was far too useful to keep borrowing from the library. Its completly clean except for one highlighted section (which is a very useful table that I was speculating the existence of anyways!) on tarot suits and their corresponding planetary, zodiacal, and relationatory meanings. 'Tis thee good shite.
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Actualization [21 Jul 2006|04:57pm]
Once one opens, the door, you cannot turn back. You venture in, and before you know it, the Universe it already pulling you along, showing other doors along the way; its up to you to choose which ways to go. Its up to you to read the message, to interpret the secret language you alone share with the other spirits in this great Godmos. History can be changed, other dimensions and realities can be contacted and brought into this one. How bad do you want it? What's your desire? What's your code?

"Library's closed!"
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[15 Jul 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | rested ]

Haven't touched this thing in a while...I'm living in Riverside now, I'm currently at the Main Library. Anyone going to UCR? I've got an apartment, life is pretty awesome.

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[16 Feb 2006|07:05pm]
I moved away from anaheim hills
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[07 Jan 2006|12:34am]
i love all of you, let us experience and share love with each other all the time!
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Music is Magick [02 Jan 2006|02:31am]
that's jazzCollapse )

Psi-Q [28 Dec 2005|09:36am]
take the psi-q psychic test yourself

Magick is fun.

Devil May Care [27 Dec 2005|09:50pm]
"Don't even stop for a sigh
it doesn't help if you cry
that's how I'll live and I'll die
Devil may care"


I have been turned on to her songs again, and her songs are turning me on again.
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I'm back [23 Dec 2005|11:18pm]
[ mood | technicolor ]

So I have been back home for about a week now. It is, and has been, rather far out, but I am about 10x better at guitar than I was, and am getting better. I've started a new band with Mijael Jaievsky, look for us jamming at the fountain by Quincy Market Cafe. We will also be playing daily at school during lunch break (starting 2nd semester) and during the pep-rallies. I am returning to CHS for 2nd semester. I got a job at Starbucks, and will be at the new one on Weir Canyon and Mira Loma Avenue starting February 3.

While I was gone, I was living in a car (4-door Ford Focus), in 2 different Motel 6s, the Best Western on Imperial Highway and La Palma Avenue, and some other hotel. It was a trip. I learned a lot from it, but do not feel like explaining it right now. AIM ME MY SCREEN NAME IS PABIAN AH UM. I miss EVERYONE and want to talk to you ALL to share my experiences with! And come listen to us play! Our band has finally formed and we want to share the beautiful peaceful music with ALL to create harmony in this world of dissassociation and confusion! THE REVOLUTION IS COMING, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! "THEY MAY HAVE GOT THE GUNS, BUT WE HAVE GOT THE NUMBERS" as Jim Morrison so deftly put it, and as we so sang it today.

PS my myspace is defunct now that I cannot recover the password and change it. I am not dating, or interested in at all, with Kristen Lednovich. I am sure those ladybugs and other animalia are utterly humiliated at the fact that pictures of them participating in intercourse are now all over the internet; shows how much you respect our furry brothers and sisters. If you are reading this then your mom saw us jamming today I'm pretty sure and she did not throw any change in our felt guitar case but only continued walking by and laughing! We made $20 in 2 hours, it was tinkle-tinkle groovy babe. There was 12-string, classical guitars, flute, ocarina, tambourine (with or without drumstick) and voice, it was delicious. Frankie and his girlfriend (forgot her name, Kristine?) Frankie's sister (Audrey) Sarah Mijael and I were all there, groovin'.

SO comment and I shall respond. PEACE

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om namaste [11 Oct 2005|10:23pm]
Through destruction, comes creation.

Merry met, merry part, and merry meet again.
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canyon classic [09 Oct 2005|04:21pm]
Yesterday was the Canyon Classic field show competition. It was pretty fun, got to spend the entire day with Kristen which makes any day grand. HIghlights were braiding hair, listening to "Thw Whisper Song" too many time, dance party distracting us from the badn we were guiding taking our backpacks, running around NUDE, marching TOPLESS, everything.


her bewitching bootay [02 Oct 2005|09:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

SO homecoming was fantastic! It was my first school related social dance and I had an awesome time:

First I drove over to Kristen's house and went up to the door. And when I walked inside I was bedazzled by her. The stunning spectale that was her firey curls. A tide pulled me close, the aqua and teal and blue sea of her eyes taking me away in her current. I was drowned, stunned, the colors and curves swirling over me, taking me away. Dazed, I posed for the pictures and video camera then we went outside to decorate my car.

One the rear Kristy wrote "PAUL + KRISTY = DANK" with fabulous hearts and sexiness. On the left windows we put the Anarchy worm with peace signs and a rainbow. Then on the right side we put a "fatty" peace sign and an Om symbol (re: Sanskrit) with "BAND OWNS YOU!" and eighth notes. We hung red green and blue streamers from the car with duct tape. It was so festive.

Then we proceeded to Macaroni Grill where we ate out. Everyone looked really sexy, especially Mitch. WE were seated and Mitch didn;t have a seat, until we finally got one for him. It was really fun, tickling, drawing on the tablecloth, eating dank food. So CHris Nathan and I went to the bathroom and CHris wanted to see my purple toenails (they are purple btw) but I felt a little whory showing off my hot toes in a men's restroom at a restaurant. I'm classier than that.

After I peed on the floor (inspired by R. Kelley) we left. Paula and Nathan came in our Danquemobile. THey were freaked out by our dankness, *sigh* the world is just not ready yet.... SO we got there and after being sexed by security guards we went in and got group pictures.

I was nervous that my dancing wasn;t going to be groovy enough for Kristy's sexy body rhythms, but as I started feeling the primal beats of the rap more and more it got easier. We got on the dance floor after we stored our stuff and it just EXPLODED! We jived together so well, everyone else was jealous all night! We were so good, this guy came to film us! We were all sweaty and ravaged, we dance our sex out there, and we were the best, no matter what you think, because you know you were staring at us, wishing it was me you were getting low with, wishing you had such a fine vixen to get freaky with.

Our hearts beat to the pulse of the crowd, the lights shooting all over, dazzing us, peircing the air. The mass ecsasy of sexuality creating a hot dense fog above us, powerful and impenetrable. We were so damn good we went to get water. We had to rest. There was nothing like that night, and we have many more to look forward to. This is so beautiful, our future knowing no bounds, our love the strongest magic shaping reality.

We're going to save the world.

So we danced and danced, with Lucas and other people trying to get in on our action. It was so much fun! There were a couple guys on MDMA. They probably had a blast.

So during the last song, I collapsed. We were dancing so hard, I was overcome with the moment and i blacked out for a sec. I don't know why, its just what happened. And it was DANK.

So after we got our stuff out of the bag from the massive group of people rushing to get their stuff, we left, and enjoyed the rest of our night together watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We didn;t get to finish it, it skipped back to the beginning once and I had to leave atmidnight.

But, as we always do, we mastered the moments. As you said, "There are many days in an hour." That is how it is to be in love. That is how it is to be with you.

I love you so much, words bring it down to an insipid level of reason and logic: my love for you defies all bounds, and will go on into eternity. I cannot wait for the next day, because I get to spend it with you, next to you, brigding infinite space to nothing. You fill me up with joy, remind me the spring of the universe is inside us. I am here to be your Hero, to love you will all I can and more. My love so constantly expanding.

I need to stop trying to define it, it is indefinable.


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[28 Sep 2005|10:38pm]
You are a

Social Liberal
(88% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(1% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
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Colloquialisms [28 Sep 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

yoyo this is Paul and he is qriting in his LiveJournal *check 1! 2!*

SO this week has been pretty rad. I have managed to iron logos onto four articles of clothing (2 sweatshirts and two tee-shirts) for spirit week preceding homecoming, all do adorn the bodies of my love Kristen and I. The first were two sweatshirts: both decorated in items relating to Shakakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, mine reading "Montague" and her's reading "Capulet", it was precious. And today we hastily made two anti-war shirts with each other anti-war rhetoric on the back. They are all Dank.

People seem to be convinced that war is an inevitable thing for humans to participate in. If you are one of these people, Dank Ent. and I feel sorry for you. THis is a belief that has been installed into you via the american capitalist system. Do you really aceept the emotionless slaughter and destruction of people and their magnificent creations? Abbey Hoffmann said "Would war still occur if people had to eat those they killed?" FOr the Animal Kingdom, it is a matter of survival, living. Humans bridge the gap between nature and creation, and to think that any one person alive is worthless is a lie, a travesty, a crime. We are so much better than war. War is the unspoken greed of all capitalists expressing itself, slaves to the dollar forced to tear apart humanity.

ANYWAYS so everything is awesome. Kristen being is my life is so amazing, I love more than she has ever imagined. This is it, this is what we've been waiting across the epochs for, and its D to the A to the N to the K! I want to play jazz with Her and Andy, and I thin kwe shoudl start doing that when I get my new amp. I feel band and like I need to take action when I think about how I haven't taken this as serious as I shoudl be. THis is an opprutunity to make money playing music; this is what I'm going to be doing for a living, this is what I want to do for a living, this is what i want to do, so it frusturates me when I think about my flakey retardedness. At least lessons are going well, i have four students now, and its fun. Teaching really does re-enforece what you know, having to put what i've learned into my own words and share the knowledge is awesome. I wantt o give the gift of music to LE MONDE!

They were right when they said "All you need is LOVE"

Band is alot more fun once you get into it. I;m not distracted by negative self-destructiveness this year to it is alot easier to getinto and to have fun in. And Kristy being by my side the whole time makes it perfect. When we are together, nothing can go wong. We can overcome any situation. We have the magic and life to bridge forever. The comps are going to be aweosme, I can just imagine us cuddling while watching other bands, sharing a passionate kiss when they announce that we've won. This is it, I will not accept from myself any less than perfection. We weild the coin, cup, wand and saber; we are magic, we create it in everything we do.

I am so happy right now, this is the best life has ever been. I am the bast at my craft that I have ever been, I am making it my life, We are together, its all part of wishes coming true. We sent our souls out searching and we returned to each other.

I can't explain all of the ways in which I love you, but it is more than you know, I want you to feel it every moment because you deserve no less. I am learning so much now, i feel so intrepid in the direction I am taking.


lucas likes my boner. but he cant have it, i;m sorry. Nikky quit the trombone section...a pity, but it was inevitable. I really likebing section leader, taking care of these kids and showing them how to have a good time while getting things done, taking them under my wing, helping to shape them into peaceful and dank people. i feel like a father. it is sweet.

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A travesty to being [26 Sep 2005|10:05pm]
I will not sleep until she knows I love her.
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three vibrations: [25 Sep 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | illuminatio ]

It is a wave. An oscillation of science and emotion, logic and light. As I am given my script, as I remember where I am and what I am here to do, I am overcome by the swell. There is nothing left inside, as I am completed again. Space, permeated with matter most delicious. The gift is memory, ever persistent, melting into the next moment and forever. Her hand calls me on toward who I am, to flowing foward, to rise up angainst mediocrity. She loves it, and I am reminded to stop denying her of myself, of the essence of my spirit, for this is where we are coming from. Sforzando, it waxes it wanes, but it remains.

It is a spark. It snaps in the darkness and creates a negative of negative. The cresendos of the words tear at the gluttony of my heart, a pleasure from pain. Awakened by the sharp stabs to my mind, her poignancy tears it, violation. I am left to construct myself up again, building upon the new foundation. A heterogeny of confidence in widom, knowledge, creation, love. Explosion, disintegrating self pity and worthlessness. Centered. The lightness of being round and bearable out of the static, the fire, the edges. Division becomes divided infinitely, to settle in form through fresh and crisp song. The sacred meter, the flame by which we are all forged.

It is more than these words, and I am learning to live it.


: [14 Sep 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | Moog ]

RIP Robert Moog

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Today is ours to treasure forever [11 Sep 2005|08:16am]
[ mood | radiant ]

I think I disccovered your middle nameCollapse )

This school is going well, I am actually not bummed about being there at all. The classes I am taking are stimulating, not just immense amounts of work to be trudged through; they do not distract me from the things they love, but I take what I learn from them to augment everything else I do. I know what I love, I know what I want to do with my life, I could not feel any more accepting of this moment and the future.

Time is ours to shape, ours to sculpt, however we wish.

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Dans un Reverie [06 Sep 2005|07:03pm]
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Emo-Festivus for the Restofus` [05 Sep 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | Danque ]

Emo-Fest '05 Starring: Paul Pabian and Kristy's ViolinCollapse )
"I am Mr. Rommelfanger, and I am proud of these Emo-Fests.


Kristy you are so sexy, dank and beautiful there's only one thing to say:
Groovy Love Explosion.


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